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David Kueker, QPS President
(Shown with my better half!)
Work Experience:
  • Owner of Manufacturing Representative Agency

  • Owner of Mechanical Contracting Company offering specialty services to the heavy-industrial and power gen markets.

  • Business Intermediary offering services to buyers and sellers of businesses.

  • Manufacturing and product development specialist

  • Consultant to the power generation industry for construction and maintenance applications.

  • Development of market research and lead generation program which evolved into what is now Qualified Prospecting Services.

Founder of QPS
   Hello!  My name is Dave Kueker, President of Qualified Prospecting Services.  In 1999 I decided to start a business that would help solve some of the frustrations businesses were having related to sales lead generation.  I had encountered those same frustrations, as the owner of a manufacturing representative agency and a mechanical construction firm, selling products and services into the heavy-industrial and power generation markets.  Rarely did my company receive qualified leads to follow up on to help increase sales.  Sometimes a company we represented would send us a marginal trade show lead, a magazine inquiry or an outdated industrial research report that hundreds of other companies also received. The problem was that all of those leads still had to be qualified for use and value.  

   I was able to determine that the lack of qualified sales leads we were receiving from our manufacturers was NOT a result of their NOT spending money on advertising, trade shows and other forms of outbound marketing campaigns. They were spending money...and lots of it!  The real reason for this deficit of prospective customer leads was likely a result of the manufacturer or service company owner not being able to directly make contact with the end users to discuss their products and services.

   Over a period of many years I developed a system of calling into target markets that would enable my manufacturing rep agency to isolate the appropriate contacts that would actually have an interest in the services and products being offered by the companies we represented.  This system of lead generation is what led to the idea for, and startup of, a company with a mission of producing qualified prospective customer reports for companies needing help with market penetration.

   What makes the services offered by Qualified Prospecting Services unique is our commitment to working with a client one-on-one to develop a custom-tailored, confidential, lead generation program to develop long-term growth in sales.  This can only be accomplished by establishing trust with our client, having a clear understanding of the products and services offered by our client, and by assigning a designated QPS account manager who possesses the skill, knowledge and experience to call into target markets and obtain important information on behalf of our client.

   Thank you so much for your interest in QPS and I hope that we hear from you.  We enjoy the challenge of helping our clients achieve a marketing strategy that works for them.
Our Clients Include:
  • Manufacturers
  • Distributors
  • Manufacturer Reps
  • Contractors
  • Trade Groups
  • Rental Companies
  • Fabricators
  • Other
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