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QPS Market Research and Lead Generation Cost(s):
     The cost for the basic QPS marketing service is broken down into a one (1) eight-hour marketing day devoted to our client’s products /services. This is an all-inclusive rate and covers the cost for telephone expenses, market research time, generation of contact reports/sales leads, and postage related to mailing various reports or invoices to the client.  


     The daily rate charged varies based on our client’s research and call parameters and will be designed to fit into their marketing budget.  The client may commit QPS to as many marketing days per month as they wish.  Most of our clients utilize our services for several days each month and many have been using QPS continuously for lead 
generation since 1999.  Clients claim the cost of our 
service is minimal in relationship to the increase in sales 
income produced as a result of following up on 
QPS qualified sales leads.

     We urge prospective clients to contact us to discuss 
their current marketing research and lead generation 
approach and how we may be able to work together to 
increase their customer base at an affordable price.

Justification of Cost?

     How much does your company spend on just one trade show each year?  Many companies will spend a small fortune on exhibiting at a trade show.  QPS understands the importance of keeping your company visible to existing or prospective customers in a trade show environment, however, what new business are you actually generating from this event?  We know that some companies can invest well over $10,000 to $50,000 in money and related resources just for one event.  We also know that at the end of the show an exhibitor may only come away with a handful of actual prospective customer leads, and, those leads STILL NEED TO BE FOLLOWED UP WITH AND QUALIFIED.  If you divide the cost of this event into the number of leads that will actually produce a sale you may be surprised at your small return on investment ratio!

    What if QPS could supply you HUNDREDS of PRE-Qualified contact reports / sales leads in a year for less than you invested in one show producing a few unqualified leads?   

    Ask for a FREE sample QPS sales lead today. 
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