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Contact Reports
Types of QPS Contact Reports:
     QPS generates several different types of contact reports for our clients including; power gen / utility outage reports, refinery and chemical turnaround reports, new construction project reports (power generation), marine / shipyard, contractor, and manufacturer / fabricator reports. 

  • Outage Reports:  Power generation and Utility facilities will shut down units to perform routine or emergency repairs and maintenance.  QPS will contact these power facilities (Nationwide) to determine what type of work will be performed, when and by whom (contractor or in-house maintenance group)

  • Refinery Turnarounds:  Refineries and chemical companies will often shut down a portion of their facility to perform needed repairs, maintenance or add/upgrade additional process systems.  QPS will call in to determine what work is to be performed, when and by whom.

  • New Construction:  QPS specializes in tracking down new power plant projects to be constructed on greenfield or brownfield sites.  We catch these projects at a very early stage of development so our QPS clients will be able to plug into the project at the most optimum time for their involvement. QPS will strive to track the project until the contractors / sub-contractors performing the work have been identified and contacted. 

  • Marine / Shipyard: QPS has complete database info on all of the major shipyards in the US and are able to run down working maintenance, repair and new construction projects for ship/shore work.

  • Contractor:  QPS can produce stand-alone contact reports for contractors working within these industries.  Information on the services they provide, upcoming work, key contacts and satellite offices will be included in each report/lead.

  • Manufacturing / Fabricator:  Manufacturing and fabrication facilities utilizing the products and services related to our client's product/service line will be contacted and potential for the utilization of those products/services will be identified.  Project applications, key contacts and schedule/scope of work will also be included in each report.

NOTE:  Most QPS clients want us to keep the historical information in the "Notes" section of each report so they have a history of the calls made, previous projects identified, and other pertinent information that may be of value.  We can delete the historical information upon request.   SEE SAMPLE QPS REPORT BELOW
Sample QPS Contact Report   
(Power Generation Facility Outage Report):
NOTE:  This is an actual copy of a QPS report recently generated for one of our clients offering tooling and equipment to the power generation industry.  Reports generated for other QPS clients contains information relative to their products/services.  We removed the names and contact #s for plant personnel and contractors listed in this report.

Outage Report for Power Generation >>

Company  Associated Electric Coop Inc            Address 1 Thomas Hill Energy Center
Contact     Mr. xxxxx xxxxxx                            Address 2 5693 Hwy F
Title          Maintenance Supt.                           Address 3
Phone       660-261-4211 Ext.                           City Clifton Hill
Alt Phone 
Fax           660-261-xxxx                                  State MO         Zip 65244
E-mail Address      xxxxxxxxxx@aeci.org         Country USA

Web Site www.aeci.org

Alternate Contacts

2nd Contact xxxxx xxxxxxxxx                                                           4th Contact xxx xxxxxx 
2nd Title Mechanical Engineering Manager                                          4th Title Boiler Engineering Supv.
2nd Phone   Ext. xxxx                                                                       4th Phone Ext. xxxx
2nd Email: xxxxxxxxx@aeci.org                                                        4th Email xxxxxxxx@aeci.org

3rd Contact xxx xxxxxxxxx 
3rd Title Maintenance Outage Coordinator
3rd Phone (660) 261-xxxx Ext. xxxx 
3rd Email: xxxxxxx@aeci.org

Additional Contact(s): (417) 881-xxxx Eng. Mgr., Scott xxxx   E-Mail: xxxxxxxxx@aeci.org

Plant Information: Unit / Energy Source / MW/ Year Installed /

Unit 1 Thomas Hill 180 SUB 1966         Unit 5 N/A
Unit 2 Thomas Hill 285 SUB 1969         Unit 6 N/A
Unit 3 Thomas Hill 670 SUB 1982         Unit 7 N/A


Notes/History Date Range: All Dates

Note 9/30/11 3:04 PM MONSTER HOT: AECI > Thomas Hill Energy Center in MO > October 2011 Boiler Outage starts MONDAY next week > (Contractor Name) has the project >> Call (Name of Contact, Contractor Name) > Onsite (Onsite Phone) > crossover, superheat and reheat tubes coming out. xxxxx  xxxxx wants a follow up call to discuss boiler tube installation and removal tooling and equipment rental for his project.  Interested in renting equipment for the project so please respond quickly

Note 1/7/10 1:19 PM MONSTER HOT: AECI > Thomas Hill Energy Center in MO Unit 1 Outage >> 
( Contractor Name) will perform the mechanical installation work > will mobilize in February 2010 > David Perkins, (Contractor) Supt. can be reached on his cell phone @ ___-___-2204 > There will be a significant amount of boiler tube and header work. New headers are on the ground and all new associated piping and pendants will be replaced. Lots of heavy-wall machining, welding and tube work in the economizer and reheater sections. Call ASAP to discuss products and services.  David is expecting your call.  QPS will follow up to make sure David is contacted ASAP.