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QPS Program
Basic QPS Lead Generation Program Outline:

1)  Initial Consultation:

      If required consultation between QPS and our client will take place at the client’s place of business.
      This VOLUNTARY preliminary meeting will focus on evaluating the specific needs of the client and decide
      which marketing strategy would be most effective.  This initial consultation can also be provided over 
      the phone or through e-mail correspondence.  

2)  Basic QPS Program Tasks:

      Once there is clearly defined marketing strategy in place between QPS and our client the following
      market research and lead generation tasks will be implemented:

          A)     Preliminary marketing research and analysis to isolate key markets to call into

          B)     Identification of potential customer leads or projects (may use clients existing
                  leads/reports) to qualify. 

          C)     Contact and communicate with each lead contact / prospect ​to gain information on behalf
                  of the QPS Client.

          D)     Generate a QPS Contact Report consisting of the company/project owner name, 
                   address, key contacts w/ job titles, e-mail and website information.  Detailed
                   intake notes pertaining to QPS and prospect dialog and communication will also be 
                   listed in each report and may include the following:

                               *   Product/service of interest to the prospect
                               *   Location where the product/service will be required
                               *   Product/service application information
                               *   QPS Client Competition identified 
                               *   Contractors, auxiliary maintenance groups or satellite locations affiliated
                                    with the prospect facility or project site that may be of interest

          E)     Follow up calls will be made to each contact to find out if they received the
                   literature and/or a phone call from the client or one of its representatives.

          Note: “Hot” leads requiring immediate attention will be directed to the client, or a 
          designated sales representative or agency, by mail, fax or E mail so that a prompt customer
          response can be given.  

3)  Additional Services Offered: 

           A)     Mailings: QPS can be responsible for organizing literature, addressing envelopes
                    and mailing to prospective customers that are already qualified. All return
                    information contained in the mailing will be directed to the client or designated

           B)     Special Services: Tooling/equipment demonstrations, trade show assistance and
                    planning, or other functions of marketing can possibly be provided by QPS.

4)  Computer Interaction Capability:

       Communication between the client and QPS via computer and having the ability to transfer information from portal to portal is very important but not required.   QPS will be able to assist the client on implementing a database program that will enable them to receive, store and send out contact information and reports.  Please click on the "Database Mgmt." tab to see additional information regarding database management and support ( or copy and paste the following web-link into your site browser address bar >   http://www.qualifiedprospectingservices.com/Database-Mgmt-.html  )

Where to Start?

   If you want to find out how Qualified Prospecting Services can help your company increase its customer base please contact us by phone or e-mail.  After our initial correspondence a detailed proposal will be submitted to your company for review.  The proposal will outline the exact custom-tailored market research and lead generation approach best suited to meet your short and long-term sales objectives.

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